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About Us

Portable Charging Solutions began as simply that — a solution. In 2014, business investor and now full-time CEO, Robert Coffy, eavesdropped on a set of customers searching for a public place to charge their phones. As they struggled to find a cable and outlet, he thought to himself, “Now, there’s a problem that can be solved.” And so, after researching all the import models, he decided to manufacture his own, right here in the United States. How else would a company be able to control every aspect of manufacturing while still providing a high-quality product?

The goal of Portable Charging Solutions has always been to set the benchmark in the public mobile phone charging industry. That means not only offering smaller and sleeker charging units, but designing and tailoring projects for individual malls, as well as other commercial properties. While collaborating with Forest City Commercial Mall, Portable Charging Solutions was even able to elicit a sponsorship from T Mobile. The company has further plans to bring other nationwide carriers onboard, particularly those who want to benefit the public while extending their brand awareness.

And with a solar division in the works, even charging in the most remote areas — hiking trails, state and city parks, forest fire camps, and disaster shelters — will soon be possible. As the smartphone becomes interwoven with the fabric of our daily lives, Portable Charging Solutions will be right there with it.

Because mobile is about freedom. And placing charging units where you actually need them is what we are about. And, as CEO Robert Coffy says, “Keeping them charged, keeps the happy.”

Thinking Towards the Future

Portable Charging Solutions has always progressed with technological obsolescence in mind, researching new advances in charging and mobile technologies. Currently, our phone charging stations include Apple’s proprietary Lightning and 30-pin connectors (compatible from the iPhone 3GS all the way to the iPhone 6s), and Android micro USB cables. But the newest technology we’re excited about is wireless charging, otherwise known as “inductive” charging. Smartphone and smartwatch manufacturers such as Samsung, Google, LG, and Motorola have just begun to include this feature in their devices, and we expect other tech companies to follow suit within the next few years. All of our stations are built with this expectation in mind. Every station can be easily retrofitted to bolster the ubiquity of wireless charging and accommodate such a change. We’ll keep your phone charging station not only functioning, but completely relevant for the foreseeable future.