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Frequently Asked Questions

Our charging stations are designed to charge one hundred percent of all mainstream, proprietary electronic devices. We are the only company that can claim that. We allow for cable and wireless retrofitting in the future to extend the life of your charging station. Each charger allows for expansion into inductive (Qi) charging, a rising standard in the industry.
We manufacture all of our chargers in the United States, which is more than even high-end phone manufacturers can say! Each mobile charging station is hand-assembled and fabricated with sixteen-gauge sheet metal. Before being sent out for use in the field, they are industrially powder-coated to client specification for durability and color. All manufacturing and assembly is completed in Southern California.
In short, yes. We use a 2.4A charging system which delivers twice the overall power of a typical USB adapter. In addition, we offer a special connector to accommodate newer smartphones taking advantage of more recent “rapid charging” technology. View a comparison video under the Videos tab of our website for a more thorough explanation on what rapid charging actually is. Tech guru Linus has the answers.
No. Our chargers are designed so that the end-user can change out their own cables, and replace them with updated ones from Apple, Samsung, and Google.
In the standard configuration of the charging station, you can charge up to eleven devices. Exceptions can be made in custom configurations.
Yes, we have a highly affordable RTO (Rent-to-own) program that we currently offer to the various industries. Some of our current clientele include restaurants and bars. Please contact us for a personalized quote and details on your RTO options.
Yes, we love special projects. Owning a manufacturing facility allows us to build custom-tailored solutions — these enterprises can be creatively fulfilling for us. And it affords us the luxury of giving the customer exactly what they want.
Absolutely. We provide a no-questions-asked electrical warranty for one year, covering manufacturing faults. There is a ninety-day warranty for the cables.