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A Long-lasting Future 

Change is happening all around us — whether it be at home, at work, or even in the technology that goes in our pockets. At Portable Charging Solutions, we know that the future will bring exciting, cutting-edge innovations, necessitating the adoption of new technology as time advances. While all of our current charging stations provide support for hundreds of models and dozens of manufacturers, we look forward to proving our clients with wireless charging in the following years. This technology, also known as inductive charging and ‘Qi” (pronounced -Chee), can be seen in current flagship phones and devices such as the Galaxy S7 and the Apple Watch. While we can expect the feature to take a couple more years before it is universally implemented, all of our stations our designed and assembled with this in mind. Every station can be easily retrofitted to bolster the ubiquity of wireless charging and accommodate such a change. We’ll keep your phone charging station not only functioning, but completely relevant for the foreseeable future.



Customer Retention:

While our mobile phone charging stations provide complimentary service to guests and passerby, they also benefit our clients who offer them. People may be more apt to stop in and stay for a prolonged period if they need a quick charge. A sizable number of our clientele also offer their patrons Wi-Fi services, lounge areas for relaxation, water fountains, strollers — every convenience  that might enhance customer relations and improve their consumer experience.  Our charging stations are just another effective tool in the customer service compendium, preventing your customer from moving on to the next business.

Unlike many of our competitors, Portable Charging Solutions can create a custom charging solution for you, such as a POP (point of purchase) display, or standalone units. These can accommodate any customer situation in a number of different environments, e.g. integration into menu holders for restaurants, and even rentable lockers. And with how tethered we are to our smart phones these days, it should come as no surprise that the public is more likely to visit a business that charges mobile devices in a more convenient fashion.


Integration of Cell Phone Charging into Existing Furniture:

We know design aesthetic and customer space is particularly important for certain venues and intimate environments. A large charging station might look unsightly, or even take up space that could be utilized for other pertinent things. But, as you would expect, Portable Charging Solutions has developed a simple fix for customers caught in this conundrum. Wireless and wired charging stations can be integrated into a plethora of existing furniture: tables, end tables, counter tops, and preexisting bar counters. This new addition can be another source of revenue as well, because a customer must request an adapter cradle from the business in order to charge their phone. The cradle can be purchased directly from your business, or lent out for complimentary charging. A logo (stating “Charge Here”) illuminates the area in which the customer can plug in or wirelessly connect, avoiding possible confusion in regard to device placement.


This is the kind of improvement to the digital experience that our customers expect from Starbucks and the kind that we will deliver at scale moving forward.”

Adam Brotman, Chief Digital Officer, Starbucks


The ability to recharge your phone while you recharge over a latte is a great service we are happy to bring our customers.”

—Allie Mayer, Marketing Manager, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Los Angeles


Airports recognize there is a demand for power … and have attempted to fill this need through innovative approaches, such as providing charging stations at old payphone banks.”

—Morgan Dye, Senior Communications and Marketing Manager, Airports Council

International-North America (US and Canada)


In today’s society our mobile devices have become essential tools in business, entertainment and managing our social lives.” 

Shawn “JAY Z” Carter, Entertainer & Media Mogul